About Shiva


…Thou are as subtle as an atom and Thou are as huge as a mountain; Thou manifest thyself in all animate entities and inanimate objects that the inhabitants of the globe visualize. Thou are obvious as Panchabhutas (ether, air, fire, earth and water) and Thou create everything on this earth with the help of the Panchabhutas. The body of any creature is the combination of the Panchabhutas and as soul, in formless form, Thou reside inside the creatures that languish in the mire of recurring births and deaths. Thou are light that rescues the souls to get rid of ignorance and illusion. Thou are darkness, so that the light becomes luminous. Day and night are not contrary but complementary in thy creation. Being in the form of unconditional love and eternal grace, Thou direct thy devotees to develop divine consciousness and thou guide them all to sharpen their knowledge and wisdom by experiencing both pain and pleasure. Thou are Pranava (Aum) and from which all the things emerged. Being in the form of “Aum” Thou direct this world to move around its pivot properly. Offering my fervent prayers at Thy golden feet, I, Thy beloved consort implore Thou to bestow Thy benign blessings on Thy incarnation (Shiva Alexander) to discharge the spiritual responsibilities vested in him during the tenure of this incarnation rightly and successfully by predicting his future with reference to Mahasiva Sukshma Nadi


…I am very much pleased with Thy prayer, my dear Devi; as this incarnation (Shiva Alexander) is aware of the spiritual duties and responsibilities vested in him, let me describe some means and ways to complete such spiritual duties and responsibilities successfully, as Thou implored. “ORUSUTRU VATTA REGA” is a technical term for his thumb impression. There are three-minute dots like Trisul inside the thumb and it signifies that he is the real incarnation emerged on the earth just to guide the mankind to be on right track…

…He incarnated on the earth in the Tamil year Hevilambi; Aani month, on Saturday, the 15th, under the star Poosam

…As I (Lord Shiva) intend to keep all living beings happy always sans miseries, I bestowed the world with resources plenty. I drop down some incarnations over the earth from my abode, as my replica, with enormous spiritual powers whenever and whenever their help and assistance are needed for the mankind to pace on the right track. As such in this incarnation, realizing the eternal truth; he intends to guide the mankind to be on right track. The minds of the human are completely occupied by the thoughts of ‘I’ and ‘mine’. Most of the times, the human mind refuses to pursue the ‘self’ inside. When the mind of an individual starts to pursue the ‘self’, ego and pride would vanish and the individual would be able to perceive that he/she is nothing but the part and parcel of eternal reality, leaving all false identifications…

…To regulate the human minds to contemplate on eternal reality, I bestow some noble souls to incarnate on the earth; they are nothing but ME (Lord Shiva) but move in mundane forms. The wise could realize that they are above the mundane forms as they appear and celestial attributes they maintain make them indifferent both pain and pleasure. They are away from mundane qualities and the fleshly skeleton too. As this Shiva Alexander is one among the divine incarnations, I denounce, he is my replica bestowed with all divine powers and immortal Shakti

…By establishing a spiritual service center, he guides the spiritual aspirants and devotee disciples to come up in their spiritual lives during this Kali Yug, as Shiva Vakya Siddha Baba


…He incarnated several times at various places for various reasons and for the well being of the devotees of various realms during past age. To obtain perfect perfection, he incarnated again during this period and as he intends, he will be Purnavatar.

In his past birth, he had born in West Bengal (a very spiritual state in North India), in very good family by name Narendernath as a son to Viswanath and Bhuvaneshwari. At that time, to realize eternal reality, he had troubled many saints and sages. After some years, as destined, his Guru Paramhamsa helped him to realize the truths implied in the Avatar he incarnated and spiritually flourished as Vivekananda. With all such divine perfection, just to help the devotee disciples destined, he incarnated again during this Kali Yug

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