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Welcome to Shiva’s Center

We deal only with Sanatana Dharma tradition. We don’t use other systems of today because of a very simple reason: let it pass 5000 years and if one of them still is alive, probably I’ll become interested in it. But the truth is that nobody remembers them in five years already.

Sanatana Dharma or Parampara is the system of Vedic knowledge which has been explored by me for more than 40 years already and has become my lifestyle and work. Offered on our lectures and practical exercises, Parampara is ancient integral system which includes knowledge of all fields of human life and activities which I studied in different countries such as India, USA, Canada, Great Britain, Holland and others.I say: “If You want to test something, test it with time”, because the real things last forever. Parampara has passed this test, and today it remains the same as thousands years ago. And the last but not the least – it’s not a result of human brain work. Santana Dharma is the divine revelation that gives one hundred percent proof. Also we don’t use other eastern occult systems or techniques, because they’re not compatible with Sanatana Dharma if You study it deeply.


Thirty years have passed since I’ve been teaching Raja Yoga, Jnani Yoga, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Tantra Yoga,Kundalini Yoga, Svara Yoga, Nada Yoga, Ayurveda (vedic science dealing with organization of human life according to natural laws of the Universe), Jyotisha Veda (vedic astrology), Vashtu Shastra, Stapatya Veda un Shilpa Shastra (vedic architecture and design science dealing with apartments shapes and their influence in human life), as well asSankhya Shastra (vedic numerology), Hasta Samudrika Shastra (vedicchiromancy), Mukha Samudrika Shastra (vedic physiognomy), Pada Samudrika Shastra (vedic science of human feet shape) Upaya and Pujatechniques (specific vedic procedures and rituals) and other aspects ofParampara and using them during my consultations.

We came first who started to teach Yoga and other vedic sciences in Latvia.

During all these years tens of thousands of people, who more or less accepted vedic lifestyle, passed through my lectures or consultations and therefore abundant experience has been accumulated. When I had started spreading Sanatana Dharma knowledge here in Latvia, practically nobody knew such words as Ayurveda or Jyotisha Veda. As for today more and more people are acquainted to these words.

In my activities I get a lot of help from my students. I thank them kindly for that. All of them have been studying Yoga for many years and everybody has got his own experience while working in our Center. Working in it also makes a great opportunity for self-development and is a unique way to improveKarma. Furthermore, this is a real and concrete help for other people which also becomes a really good Karma.


I’m sure that practice of Yoga, if it becomes a life style, will help each human being in any situation in life and will make him truly happy.

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