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New Deva Murti have appeared in our store: Ganesha, Shiva Nataraja, Durga, Dhanvantari, Kubera and Gayatri!
In Sanatana Dharma, Deva Murti (statuettes) are used as Kavacha (instruments of protection), as well as for Upayas – Homas, Pujas, Abhishekas and other istruments for solving different problems in life, correcting Karma, as well as developing and transforming consciousness.
More information about these and other Murti can be found HERE.
🌐 These and other goods can be purchased in our store in Riga at st. Brivibas 103-2a or order delivery by writing to
Jala Yantra is Yantra for water, it turns water into a medicine.
🔱 Material: copper / Size: 5×5 cm / Yantra with Shivaji signature.
🌐 To place an order, please write to
📿 We have all items necessary for Puja and Homa.

According to the ancient Vedic chronological system of Samvatsara सांवत्सर the current year 2020 is the year 2077 of the Age of Vikrama विक्रम. It has the special name – Pramatha प्रमाथ. In Sanskrit this word means torment, pain, suffering, destruction, damage and so on. In addition it also means evil ghosts, spirits, mystical beings and other invisible enemies of a man…

AVARA DRAVA is an Ayurvedic drink recommended when it is necessary to maintain and stimulate the immune system. Drava contains special components that are particularly effective in protecting a body’s functions, optimally stimulating and mobilizing it, creating the so-called synergistic effect.
🌱 The gruel that remains after brewing is very good for your health, therefore Shivaji Guru recommends to hold it in your mouth, chew it and if possible swallow or spit it out.
🌿 This drink has a light bitter taste, about its usefulness in the circumstances, Shivaji Guru tells in his advice 
💬 More about this Drava read HERE.

Many times in my lectures I mentioned that there is no, there wasn’t and there will not be stability in our life. Because that the very nature of life is instability. That, what is going on in the world as the result of the pandemic, when the usual life of hundreds of millions of people radically changed and their plans, hopes and dreams collapsed at one moment. It is a clear illustration of this instability.

There is one very interesting point in this ancient Tantric science of signs and omens. When some significant natural anomalies happen, for example: snow falls in summer or there is no snow in winter, as it was this winter, this means that there will be some disasters and epidemics that will impact large masses of people. In our case, this is the unprecedented outbreak of the global coronavirus pandemic.

This Asanam is the excellent remedy for Jatara Agni जाठर अग्नि or digestive fire stimulation, which performs two main functions in a human body: digesting food and digesting infection, that is, immunity. Thus, regular practice of this Asanam will help you to avoid the disease and will significantly strengthen the immune system.

There is an easy way to improve your Karma. After a meal, thank Mother Nature for the food she provided. The positive energy generated at this moment will help you, all people and nature itself.

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