Shiva Vakya Siddha Baba
The knowledge of Vedic, Tantric and Yogic sciences called Sanatana Dharma or Eternal Teaching, as translated from Sanskrit, that I have – it is the result of my continuous study, self-development, a way of life since year 1976 and continuous practice of teaching and consulting in different countries since 1989.

My area of ​​study, teaching and consulting includes Jyotisha Veda (Vedic astrology); Ayurveda (the science about life); Vastu Shastra, Sthapatya Veda and  Shilpa Shastra (Vedic and Tantric sciences about architecture, design and the correct positioning of a person in space); Sankhya Shastra (Vedic and Tantric numerology); Mukha Samudrika Shastra (Tantric science of studying a person by face); Hasta Samudrika Shastra (Tantric science of studying a person by palms); Pada Samudrika Shastra (Tantric science of studying a person by feet); Shariraka Shastra (the study of man by the structure and behavior of their body); Nimitta Shastra (Tantric science of obtaining the necessary information from surrounding events, objects and phenomena); Mantra Shastra (Vedic and Tantric science about Mantras); Yantra Shastra; Ratna Shastra (Tantric science about the effect of precious stones); Raja Yoga; Jnana Yoga; Karma Yoga; Hatha Yoga; Laya Yoga; Tantra Yoga; Kundalini Yoga; Maithuna (Tantric sex); Prakasha Yoga (Yogic science about working with the Sun); Nada Yoga (science about special sounds); Svara Yoga (Tantric science about breathing and methods of controlling life through breathing); Mudra Yoga; Rasa Yoga (science about emotions); Bala Yoga (Yoga about strength); Kala Yoga (Yoga about time); Kalarippayattu (Tantric martial art); Darshana (Vedic and Tantric philosophy); Sanskrit; Purana (Vedic mythology); Upaya (Vedic, Yogic and Tantric procedures, techniques and rituals for changing Karma and achieving various goals in life) and other aspects of Vedic, Tantric and Yogic knowledge.

In 1989 I founded Shiva’s Center – the first center of Vedic, Tantric and Yogic knowledge in Latvia, where I give lectures, conduct various classes and consult to this day. My students help me in my work. Many thanks to them for this! All of them have studied with me for a long time and have their own experience of working in our Center, bringing a multi-colored palette of personalities to its work. I am absolutely sure, and my experience of working with more than a hundred thousand people confirms it, that practicing Sanatana Dharma will help every person find meaning in life, understand themselves and their relationships, finally learn to love themselves and people around, gain peace of mind, get rid of fears, stress and illness, solve various problems, and eventually know God. In a word, any person will find answers to their questions in Sanatana Dharma, because it is a single, universal and integral science of life, created by God and tested in practice by billions of people over thousands of years.

Atis Zarins
About 15 years ago, I devoted almost all my time to work, career and business. And to be honest, I had a successful career – I managed one of the largest companies in Latvia: a network of 170 pharmacies and my own business, in total, I led more than 1000 employees. Despite a successful career, business and material success, I did not have enough time for myself and my family. In addition, I came to the conclusion that I cannot fully realize myself as a person only through work and career. In order to somehow change this, inspired by the vivid example of my wife Linda, I began attending lectures of Shiva Vakya Siddha Baba, who is still my Teacher. Finally, I felt that I had found what I had been looking for for so many years!

Studying the Vedic sciences, I discovered that Yoga is not only a set of exercises, it shows the causes of what is happening and helps finding a solution in difficult life situations. For me it was a surprise. With the help of Yoga and the Vedas, I began the process of self-knowledge, and most importantly, put myself and my life in order. Now I continue to study all four Vedas, and also give lectures on all the Vedic sciences that I have mastered during this time: Yoga, Vedic astrology (Jyotisha Veda), breathing techniques (Pranayama), Vedic architecture (Vastu Shastra), Raja Yoga (the science about the structure of consciousness and techniques of putting it in order), Vedic numerology, Ayurveda, Pada-, Hasta- and Mukha Samudrika Shastra (how to “read” one’s fate by their feet, palms and face), techniques of transforming one’s consciousness using Mantras, Poojas and Homas (fire rituals).

Vedic knowledge has helped me manage and resolve many difficult situations not only in my own life, but also in lives of thousands of other people I have consulted and taught since I started working at Shiva’s Center in 2005.

Linda Zarina
I started studying Vedic knowledge in year 2000 with my Teacher Shiva, full name – Shiva Vakya Siddha Baba. During this time I gained deep knowledge in almost all Vedic sciences that have survived to this day: Ayurveda (Vedic science of life and health, Vedic medicine), Jyotisha Veda (Vedic astrology), Hatha Yoga, Sankhya Shastra (Vedic numerology), Vastu Shastra (Vedic science about space, design and architecture), Hasta- Mukha- and Pada- Samudrika Shastra (the science that “reads” a person by examining their palms, face and feet), Svara Yoga (the science about breathing), Nimitta Shastra (the science about signs from the surrounding environment and nature),  Tantra Yoga, Mudra Yoga (the science about the effect positions of one’s hands and fingers have on one’s consciousness and life) and many other areas of Vedic traditions. I also study Sanskrit.

I have been working at Shiva’s Center since 2008, having started teaching Raja Yoga (the science of how to change consciousness, thinking and life), Karma Yoga (the science about actions, their causes and consequences), Rasa Yoga (the science about emotions), Laya Yoga (knowledge about Chakras), Hatha and Kalari Yoga (a combination of the most ancient martial art of Kalarippayattu with Hatha Yoga).

Many like my classes in Ayurvedic cooking where everyone could could not gain knowledge, but also have a healthy and tasty meal. Now I am conducting seminars on various topics related to the Vedic way of life, child care and education in Latvia and abroad, and I also speak as a lecturer at Yoga festivals.

Based on the knowledge of Ayurveda, Vedic astrology and other Vedic sciences, I consult and make astrological predictions. My specialty is consulting women  (curing gynecological diseases with the help of Ayurveda, solving family and relationship problems, restoring spiritual and emotional health, and many other issues), Vedic approach to childcare and upbringing (Vedic family planning, Vedic home birth, Ayurvedic treatment of childhood diseases, vegetarian diet for children, aspects of Vedic upbringing such as: co-sleeping with parents, extended breastfeeding,  carrying a baby in a sling, early potty training, homeschooling and so on).

And finally, I am the wife of Atis and the mother of two wonderful children: Pauls and Darta. The Vedic way of life is what we live by and we are ready to share our knowledge and experience with you.

Ludmila Alksne
I am a professional artist, teacher, traveler. Since year 1993 I have been studying Vedic knowledge under the guidance of my Teacher – Shiva. Since 2002 I teach the following disciplines at Shiva’s Center: classic Hatha Yoga; Bala Yoga (strength Yoga); Yoga therapy for the spine; Yoga for children. Using my professional knowledge, I conduct these classes: Murti Yoga (modeling Devas), Pratima Yoga (drawing Yantras, Grahas and Devas in various techniques of painting and painting on silk), courses on Mehendi technique (henna painting of hands and body). I share my experience and love for Gongs at my classes of Nada Yoga – Gong therapy. As a traveler I led eight expeditions in Nepal (Anapurna and Everest regions), organized two Parikramas (walking around Mount Kailash). Lately I organize Rasa Yatras almost every year.

Armands Gailis
I am a Kalarippayattu instructor. I actively practice Kalari for more than 10 years.  I am proficient in and teach the northern style of Kalari, which is the most practiced style in Latvia, as well as the central and southern styles.  During the classes I teach exercises that help maintain health and strengthen the body, traditional Kalari forms, fighting techniques with various weapons, as well as many other Kalari techniques. I organize Kalarippayattu retreats in Latvia, including in collaboration with Kalarippayattu masters from India and Germany.

Alise Kolosova
In 2011, when I met my Teacher – Shiva – Shiva Vakya Siddha Baba, my life changed.  A new stage had begun, for which I was unconsciously striving all previous years. This opened the door to self-knowledge and self-development, with subsequent real changes and inner growth. Thanks to the knowledge and advice of the Guru, all areas of life improved step by step. This, in turn, freed up energy and time for even more work on myself, which I do with great joy every day.

In 2013, with the blessing of the Guru, I started teaching Yoga at the Shiva Center. I conduct Hatha Yoga classes for everyone who is interested in the knowledge and practice of Yoga. With special warmth, I want to note the classes for seniors, which I have been conducting since 2013. I am proficient in multiple Pranayama techniques and periodically conduct Pranayama classes. I pay special attention to Nada Yoga – work with consciousness, using the vibration of Mantras, voice and Gongs.

In all areas of life I apply the knowledge received from the Guru, who has become in my life the key to the world of Sanatana Dharma. The skill and energy of my Guru allowed the acquired knowledge to turn from theory into experience with real changes. I wish everyone to find their key to the world of Sanatana Dharma in order to practice its infinite Wisdom, experiencing miracles in everyday life that one can only dream of.

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