Consulting principles

During the consultation You can ask any questions in any field which interests You really and indeed. You can get information either about yourself or any other person, subject or event.

It is also possible to get a consultation on the following questions:

  • any questions related to business, job, career, recruitment etc.,
  • transfer of a person or business,
  • moving to another place of residence,
  • change of work,
  • choosing partners, partner compatibility in personal life and work,
  • expediency of trips and its safety,
  • relationships with people,
  • choice of the most appropriate time for making various important actions,
  • recommendation on choice of name for a child,
  • defining the favourable colours, numbers, days of the week and the most important – Ishta Devata with other information, which the person is interested in,
  • determination of health condition and recommendations for a person using knowledge of Jyotisha Veda (vedicastrology), AyurvedaSamudrika Shastra and other vedicsciences,
  • recommendations on organization of lifestyle, behaviour in different situations etc.,
  • construction, purchase and arrangement of apartments, dealing with real estate etc., from the point of view ofVaastu ShastraShilpa Shastra and Sthapatya Veda – vedic sciences on architecture, design and person’s positioning in space,
  • purchase of a car and other vehicles,
  • and many other questions.