Shiva Ajira Prashna – urgent question and urgent answer
To get an answer to an urgent question you have to follow the instructions. You can ask your question in English, Russian or Latvian. Please formulate your question briefly, so that the answer is “YES” or “NO”.

Shiva Laghu Prashna - an answer to ONE short question, with short written commentary from Shivaji Guru



I am often addressed by people who want urgent answers to very specific and vital questions and are, therefore, unable to wait for several weeks to come for a consultation and receive the necessary answer. To resolve this vital matter, an idea appeared of creating astrological help for emergencies in the form quick answers to urgent and specific questions.

Now you have the opportunity of receiving an urgent answer to any specific question covering any topic. But it must be a “Yes or No” question, meaning that the main purpose of the question is receiving either affirmation or negation. For example, “should I buy this?”, “should I sell this”, “should I accept this offer?”, “should I marry this person?”, “should I agree to this job or business?”, “can I work with this person?”, “can I get involved with this person?”, “should I lend this person money?”, “should I take a loan?” etc. I will give you a short answer – either “Yes” or “No”. If you need an elaborate answer, if you have two or more questions or if you have different interrelated questions, you need to talk to me in a Skype consultation or come for a consultation to the Shiva’s Centre.
To receive a quick answer, you will have to follow instructions. You can ask your question in English, Russian or Latvian. But please formulate a short question, so it could be answered with “Yes” or “No”. After all, this answer is the main objective and it will influence your actions.

Please bear in mind the difference in time zones, as nights are for sleeping, not thinking.


Answer to ONE specific question, with a brief written commentary from Shivaji Guru.