Terms of use of the virtual wallet

Virtual Wallet (VW) is a reusable electronic gift card for the purchase of any goods and services on the shivaji.guru website.

The virtual wallet can be used by registered customers of shivaji.guru. The virtual wallet is activated the first time it is replenished.

VW top-ups are available in the following denominations: 18.99; 27.99; 45.99; 71.99; 162.99; 243.99 or 270.99. VW can be replenished at any time, even if the funds in it have not yet ended, in the amount of the above denominations. It is possible to buy no more than 20 VW top-ups in one order.

The client’s VW identifier is the email address with which the client is registered on the shivaji.guru website.

Funds from VW can be used to fully or partially pay for one’s orders on the site shivaji.guru, i.e. funds from VW can be used in parts. When paying for an order using VW, the amount is reserved at the time of transition to payment for the order. In the event of a cancelled, incomplete or unsuccessful payment, the reserved funds are returned to the client’s VW.

Funds from one’s VW can be presented to another registered user shivaji.guru by replenishing their VW.

The validity period of the VW is 1 year from the moment of its activation during the first replenishment. With subsequent replenishment of the VW, the validity period of the VW is extended for 1 year from the date of the last replenishment.

If the funds in the VW are not used before the end of its validity period, the balance is not compensated.

Information about the balance and expenditure of funds in VW is available to the client in his personal account on the shivaji.guru website.

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