Vedic rituals

Vedic rituals (Homa, Puja, Yagya, Vivaha, Tarpana, Shraddha, etc.) are an integral part of the Upaya system in the Sanatana Dharma and are a powerful tools for the complicated process of correcting Karma – the main thing for which a person is born on Earth. For millennia, the Brahmins have been carrying out these sacred rituals, so that people who are going through development and transformation have the opportunity to solve problems, improve their lives, develop their minds and eventually transform it by finding their divine nature. Shiva’s Center performe these rituals and you can participate in them in accordance with your needs and situations.

You have the opportunity to visit general Homas and Pujas, for this follow our news.

And also participate in individual Pujas and Homas, which are necessary particulary for you. You can learn more about them during consultaion or through Shiva Nadi Sanhita (palm leaves). Go to the Vedic Rituals section on the top.

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